Saying Goodbye as Dr. Stephanie Culver Steps Away From Her Practice. 

by | Sep 15, 2022 | News

Nearly six years ago, Dr. Maeghan Cook and I co-founded Northwest Integrative Medicine (NWIM) in a small basement, with dreams on a string. It was, and is, an enormous privilege to have started from humble beginnings, knowing practically nothing about business, to become one of the most well-known and respected integrative primary care and naturopathic clinics in Oregon. NWIM has set the bar for Naturopathic Residency Programs and naturopathic integration into state programs such as Vaccines for Children, COVID vaccine distribution, naturopathic advocacy, and collaborating with our allopathic colleagues on matters of professional equity. I am beyond proud to have been part of this.   

Over these years I have been able to care for so many wonderful people in a niche of medicine I care deeply about. However, circumstances change, families evolve, and needs fluctuate. As such, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave Northwest Integrative Medicine to focus on my health and family. I will no longer be in clinical practice, effective immediately.   

It is a sad time for me to look back and remember all that has been and could be. I will miss my patients, days in the procedure room, meeting new faces, and comforting old friends. I will miss my NWIM family, and all the missed connections that could be. I hope it’s not an end to my days in a clinical setting, and rather, a semicolon, a pause that will continue into something meaningful in the future.  But now is the time I talk the talk and walk the walk.   

This will allow for a more independent schedule with less time constraints. In addition to focusing on my health and young family, I’ll be embarking on a new Digital Education endeavor, creating meaningful content for patients and providers who feel lost navigating the medical world, hoping to empower them to feel knowledgeable and confident when dealing with chronic pain, chronic mental illness, or both! Courses will be in-line with NWIM values with a continued goal of providing patients and providers with excellent, whole-person, evidence-based information. NWIM and I may collaborate in the future. So, as I might not be in the clinic, you still may see me from time to time. You can stay up to date with me on Facebook or I may reach out to you for some feedback regarding your needs. I’d appreciate the insight as I go into this new adventure!    

The decision was not easy; however, I feel confident that your healthcare needs will be met by my colleagues at NWIM and our community partners. We are fortunate to be welcoming two new residents this fall who will continue to carry the torch. Thank you for letting me be part of you and your family’s lives. I’ve sincerely enjoyed serving you. 

If you have any questions about a recommendation to another provider in the practice that I feel would fit your health care needs, I encourage you to call and talk to one of our amazing staff: (503) 855-4341.   

Please find more answers on the transfer of your care here

Sincerely, and in health,   

Dr. Stephanie Culver 


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