Our Philosophy on Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes

“While many of the conditions that contribute to heart attacks and stroke are considered preventable, they continue to be a growing issue in our country.  Blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation all play a role in how healthy your heart and blood vessels are.”

During your regular annual physicians, your blood pressure should be monitored and your blood should be tested for issues with blood sugar, cholesterol, and kidney function.  The earlier you find the issue, the more likely changes in your diet and increased exercise can be your medicine. The longer these issues are in place, the more severe they are likely to become.  

The physicians at NWIM are able to support healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular health through nutritional support, herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals.  Prevention is the best medicine, so talk to your doctor today about how you can prevent heart disease and have your blood pressure checked regularly.

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