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Dr. Jordan McLendon believes strongly in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, and as such, is passionate about individualized medicine. She specializes in mental health, sleep, skin and how the gut and hormone systems play a big role in these


Introducing our Into The Wild live series, join our Facebook page to stay up to date with our upcoming talks! We will have a different speaker every video on topics such as injury strains and sprains, mental health and stress, fevers and kids illnesses, and more!



We strive to ensure you receive carefully planned, personalized Nutritional Support! Our Digestive expert, Dr. Chelsey Jameson will consider all of your food intolerances when building your Nutritional Plan!




 A Comprehensive & Individualized Approach for Children, Adolescents, & Adults


Proactive. Restorative. Evidence Based.

Primary Care & Naturopathic Consultations for All Ages

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At Northwest Integrative Medicine, we can help you with:


From regular checkups to support for all their boo boos, owies and ickies, our physicians can help.

Women's Health

Our clinic supports women through all the transitions in life. From fertility issues to menopause and everything in between, we have your back.

Mental Health

Many people do not realize that these conditions can often be treated without the use of pharmaceuticals, or if pharmaceuticals are needed their side effects can be minimized through proper nutritional and herbal support.

Transgender Care

Wellness and mental health care are two of the many important aspects of caring for patients undergoing or having gone through gender transition.

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Meet Dr. McLendon!

Meet Dr. McLendon!

Jordan’s spark for medicine began long ago during her undergraduate education in Florida where she worked in a pathology lab and became fascinated by nature and the human body. Then began her journey towards medicine, where she found a passion for mental health,...

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