How do I get my Refills?

For Medications Through Your Pharmacy:

Request refills of your medication through your pharmacy at least 5 business days prior to running out of your current bottle. The pharmacy will contact our clinic with a request for the exact medication you are on, helping to keep our records up to date. For instance, when we prescribe medications we often allow them to substitute generic drugs that are less costly or better covered by your insurance. By requesting refills through your pharmacy we help prevent any errors.

Some medications require close monitoring due to potential side effects. We may request a visit prior to refilling.

Controlled Substance Policy

For controlled substance refills, such as for pain medications or mental health medications, allow additional time for processing.  Patients may be asked to come in for a follow up, provide a urine sample for a random urine drug screen, or present for pill counts as stated in our Controlled Substance Agreement.  Most controlled substances will require you to come to the office to pick up a paper prescription based on state law.

Click here for our Controlled Substance Policy


FULLSCRIPT: Our Online Medicinary

If you are unable to come to the office or just prefer the convenience of home delivery, we are able to offer home delivery with Fullscript. Fullscript offers access to the same high quality supplements that you are used to without the risk of scams you might find on other online platforms (ie Amazon). We offer all of our patients 10% off MSRP on supplements and there is free delivery on orders over $50. One thing we love is that you can sign up for automatic refills, helping to avoid delays or laps in your medications.

Please let your provider or our staff know if you would like your supplements sent to Fullscript. Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with the Subject ” Dr. XXXX sent you a prescription.” It may wind up in your junk mail folder, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. From the email, press the button “View your prescription” and you will be directed to their website to either login or create your account. Once an account is set up you can see your prescriptions and also peruse our online catalog of supplements.

Here is a helpful page with more information on Fullscript accounts:

If you are experiencing issues with getting your refills, please send us an email at [email protected].

In Office Medicinary:

If you would like to pick up refills of your supplements, please call the office (503-855-4341 x 2) prior to coming in to confirm we have your medicines in stock.  We can place requests on hold for up to 1 week and can arrange for payment in the office or over the phone.

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