Concerned you may have Coronavirus or coming in for an appointment? Click here to check your risk for COVID-19. We are open updated clinic hours during the COVID-19 Outbreak Click Here to learn more about our treatment and safety protocols.
Concerned you may have Coronavirus or coming in for an appointment? Click here to check your risk for COVID-19. We are open updated clinic hours during the COVID-19 Outbreak Click Here to learn more about our treatment and safety protocols.

What is Integrative Medicine?

At Northwest Integrative Medicine our mission is to provide excellent, patient-centered primary care which recognizes that every patient’s health situation is unique. Our integrative model of primary health care utilizes the combined knowledge of Western, holistic, and naturopathic approaches to promote health and personal wellness for persons of any age, background or health condition.  We take the time to look beyond immediate symptoms and try to understand how other aspects of your life, behaviors and environment could be affecting your health. Rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals, we incorporate natural medicines, nutrients, hands on healing, and working proactively to prevent future problems.

At NWIM, we offer a healing alliance based on honesty, compassion, and knowledge, and will advocate for your best interests with other practitioners and specialists.  We work with you to find a path toward meeting all your needs and goals.

NWIM (pronounced In-Wim) is a holistic, integrative clinic that provides primary care services to patients of all ages.  Being integrative means that we have more tools at our disposal to help you on your quest for health.  We can order labs, imaging, and pharmaceuticals just like medical doctors, but in addition to this, we are trained in the use of many other therapies:

  • Botanical Medicine: Using plants as medicines.  You may have heard of the herbs Echinacea or Lavender.  Did you know that a lot of our current pharmaceuticals came from plants originally?
  • Nutritional Therapy: We are trained to understand how vitamins and minerals affect your body at the cellular level and can help you navigate to find the supplements that will actually help you and not just take money out of your wallet.
  • Homeopathic Medicine: This medicine helps to boost your body’s own healing ability and can support mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Hands-On Therapy: Our providers are trained in a wide variety of treatments that help support pain management as well as a number of other health conditions through techniques such as hydrotherapy, manipulation, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation.
  • IV & Injection Therapies: Using IV (intravenous) and injection therapies allows us to get nutrients into your body quickly.  This is especially helpful in conditions where the digestive system isn’t working well, in pain management, and when high doses of nutrients are needed and wouldn’t be well tolerated if taken orally.

By having all of these options, we can find a plan that works for you to find relief from symptoms, get at the cause of your illness, and get back to the things that really matter to you.

We work with both private and public insurances and are currently contracted with

  • Aetna
  • Axis/First Choice
  • Care Oregon
  • Cigna
  • CHP/Kaiser
  • Moda/ODS
  • OHP/Medicaid (Care Oregon & Open Card)
  • Providence
  • Pacific Source
  • Regence/BlueCross BlueShield

Meet Our Practioners

Katie Pickworth, ND


Every patient deserves to feel seen and heard. Dr. Pickworth believes that by holding a safe space with patients, we can work together to allow the body and mind to truly heal.

Joshua Corn, ND

No matter your shape, size, orientation or identity, he creates a safe and welcoming environment for you to find your optimal health.  He specializes in men’s health and heart and lung issues.

Chelsey Jameson, ND

Dr. Jameson works with patients to resolve digestive issues and uses nutrition to support your healing.

Maeghan Culver, ND

She uses holistic support to help those struggling with chronic pain and fatigue, working closely with her colleagues to create a comprehensive support plan.

Christopher Randolph, ND

Dr. Randolph is a naturopathic primary care physician with a wide range of clinical expertise serving patients of all ages, genders, and needs.

Jordan McLendon, ND

Dr. Jordan McLendon believes strongly in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, and as such, is passionate about individualized medicine. She specializes in mental health, sleep, skin and how the gut and hormone systems play a big role in these.

Oni Gillmor, ND


She enjoys working with children from birth and helping families grow from pregnancy planning and fertility, through parenthood.

Stephanie Culver, ND

As an Integrative Mental Health specialist, she supports quality of life and peace of mind from childhood through adulthood by using a team-based approach to look beyond the symptoms.

Angela Hardin, ND

Healing is a journey, and there are countless paths that lead to that destination. Dr. Hardin offers her patients integrative primary care with a focus on mental health, chronic pain and neurologic disorders.

Adam Sedowski, ND

Dr. Sadowski is passionate in delivering high-quality, patient-centered primary care through an evidence-based approach

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