How Safe is IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy?

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Nutrition

IV therapy can sound a bit intimidating – needle pokes, infusing things directly into the bloodstream, etc. While this may seem like a dangerous or high-risk, the actual risk of complications and adverse effects of IV therapy is quite low!

The most common side effects from IV therapy is pain at the injection site, some mild burning during the infusion, and possible bruising afterwards. These tend to be minor discomforts that are typically temporary, resolving during the infusion or shortly after. Depending on how you do with needle sticks, some people may experience dizziness, though this too resolves quickly and is harmless!

The more serious complications of IV therapy are allergic reactions and embolisms (this is anything that blocks an artery – preventing blood from reaching the heart). These are very, very rare! Especially when performed by a doctor trained extensively in IV therapy, as some Naturopathic Physicians are. If these do occur, however, systems are in place to handle them quickly, reducing risk of long-term effects.

Stil have questions? Dr. Torrens is one of our providers that specializes in providing IV nutrient therapy. She would be happy to teach you more about this powerful modality!


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