Digestion has a lot of components, but one of the most important are the acids and enzymes that break down the sugars, proteins, and fats into small enough parts to be absorbed and not cause inflammation in the gut. There are supplements you can take to help restore normal function, but the goal is always to build habits that support your body to be healthy and happy. Here are some easy steps to help get your digestive juices flowing:

1.) As you prepare food, take time to smell it- smell all the different ingredients. You know how really good smells can make your mouth water? That is what we are going for.


2.) Before you eat, take a moment to look at your food and perhaps offer some gratitude. Even visual stimulation helps tell your brain and body that it is time to switch into digestion mode.


3.) CHEW YOUR FOOD! Saliva actually helps to break down the food before it even hits your stomach. It is different than what most of us are used to, but take some extra chomps on that food so your saliva has a chance to do its job.


4.) Eat at a table and enjoy the company you share with a good conversation- taking a little extra time and relaxing makes sure your nervous system has set your body up


5.) Don’t over do the liquids. Too much water can actually dilute your stomach acid and prevent adequate breakdown of your food.


Source: “The Role of Digestive Enzymes in Everyday Health” by Integrative Therapeutics Inc

By Dr. Maeghan

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