Signing Up for a New Patient Portal

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If you haven’t heard it before- Northwest Integrative Medicine is moving our health records system over to Athena Health with all providers transitioning completely on Monday March 6th!

We are so excited for the move to the Athena Health EHR system, which includes a more robust and intuitive patient portal, easier online scheduling and, most importantly, the biggest change: billing is moving in house!

Your current patient portal is part of the ChARM EHR system. As part of our transition to Athena Health EHR, you will need to register a new patient portal with Athena.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, don’t worry. Your current patient portal is with Charm Health, and it’s the web page you’ve been using to message your doctor, see upcoming appointments, find patient records, and more. You will still retain full access to your current ChARM portal and all its information for the time being. However, once you create your Athena portal, new records and new appointment information will appear there.

If all that still sounds a little confusing, not to worry. We are happy to answer your questions as we onboard to Athena! The most important thing right now is that you look out for an email from NWIM to create your Athena portal online.

Don’t feel like waiting for an email? Create your Athena portal yourself!

If you haven’t already received an invitation, you will receive a link to establish a new Athena Health portal before your next visit.  Please look out for an email with the subject: “Your Name, stay connected with Northwest Integrative Medicine” from invitation from “Northwest Integrative Medicine”([email protected]). These initial emails can often go to your “Spam” or “Junk” folders, so make sure to check those if you do not see it in your standard inbox prior to your next appointment





Click the blue button inside the email labeled “create my account” to launch your portal. Portal setup is a quick and easy process, and it will help save time if your portal is established prior to your next visit.

If you’re concerned you may have missed the email, not to worry. If we notice it’s been a few days since your last invite, and you still haven’t registered for your Athena portal, we’ll send the email invitation again.

Even as you make the transition to Athena with us by creating your Athena portal, be sure to keep your old ChARM portal as well. It is a great repository of all your old information, some of which may not come along to your new portal in Athena.

Your ChARM patient portal will be active for at least a year.

Stillwe recommend starting to download or otherwise transferring any documents, visit summaries, or handouts you would like to keep access to after your ChARM EHR portal is discontinued. We will be transferring your health information to the new Athena Health system, there may be some changes in access to specific documents through the new portal.

Scheduling Reminders

As we continue our full transition to scheduling in Athena, your visits may end up booked both in our old system (ChARM) and in our new system (Athena).

As a result, you may receive duplicate reminders for appointments! You may also receive appointment recommendations by your provider from both ChARM and Athena. Just know that won’t last for long as every day brings us closer to a full transition.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointments, you can reach out to our team at 503-855-4341 (select option 1 on the automated answering message), or email [email protected] with your questions.

We appreciate your patience through this transition, and we hope you are as excited as we are for Athena!


Your NWIM Team


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