We are very excited announce that we are now in the network as Primary Care Physicians for CHP Kaiser and Providence! Northwest Integrative Medicine, Dr. Maeghan, Dr. Culver, and Dr. True are now be contracted as primary care providers, rather than specialists/alternative care, in Providence Insurance plans. Dr. Maeghan, Dr. Stephanie, and Dr. Oni are contracted as primary care providers for Kaiser.

NWIM at CHP Kaiser

NWIM at Providence

What this means, is as your personal healthcare provider, we are your “medical home.” As your healthcare provider, we can provide you with treatment or help coordinate other healthcare services you may need.

What we can do:

  • Treat both acute and chronic illnesses
  • Help you stay healthy and protect you from illness
  • You can receive counseling
  • Learn more about your condition from a health teacher

Most of your healthcare problems can be managed by your primary healthcare provider and if they cannot they will be able to help you find other health services you may need.

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