Hi everyone!

I would like to take this time to officially introduce myself as the newest member of the NWIM provider team, Dr. Jameson! Over the last several months, I have had the pleasure of working with many of you already, whether it was scheduling your next follow up appointment, poking you for a blood draw or helping you refill botanical formulas from our medicinary. It’s been a wonderful way to get started as a new doc, in a new clinic. I graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in July of 2017, with my Naturopathic doctorate. As student, I mentored under Dr. Maeghan, and knew immediately that naturopathic primary care was the place for me. Since joining the team in September 2017, I have been working closely with NWIM on building a naturopathic primary care residency program. In the next couple months, we’ll be launching this position and I am honored to be accepting the role as the clinics’ first resident! I’m so thrilled to be joining this team and I look forward to continuing to serve YOU!

I am currently booking appointments for new patients and nutritional counseling on Mondays and Fridays. Have you ever considered getting support with your diet? I love food, cooking and eating well, not to mention nutrition being a major component of my education as a naturopath! A nutritional counseling visit is a great opportunity for you to pick my brain about how to incorporate dietary changes we recommend, to develop strategies to overcome habits, and talk about recipes until our mouths water! I’m inspired to help you navigate YOUR path to eating and feeling well. As a primary care doctor, I incorporate this same approach to nutrition, along with botanical, homeopathic and western medical practices to help my patients restore their health and prevent chronic disease.

Words can’t express the gratitude and honor I feel to be a part of your care team but I know it will come through in my effort and commitment to your health in the years ahead!

Health + Happiness,
Dr. Chelsey Jameson

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