Congratulations to Dr.Meaghan Culver, she feels incredibly honored to win the “Doctor as Teacher Award” from the National University of Natural Medicine! This award is reserved for physicians who invite students into their practice. Dr.Culver has been serving the student association as a preceptor, mentoring naturopathic medical students in their last year of school and making a very large impact on their lives.

Here are a couple of things her students had to say about Dr.Culver:

“I nominate Dr. Maeghan Culver because she so generously spends her time answering questions and
helping us become the best doctors we can be. Her clinic is so inspiring and she is so transparent
with giving information to help the naturopathic profession.”

“I nominate Dr. Meaghan Culver – she has an amazing knowledge base and a
willingness to share naturopathic philosophy, how to safely and successfully run a primary care
clinic, and give the students the best well-rounded education outside of the lecture hall.”

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