Our Philosophy on Pain Management

Chronic pain support is going through a major transition as we recognize the effect that opioid abuse is having on patients throughout the country.  At NWIM, we work to find the best option for each person.  Chronic Pain can be managed a number of different ways, with some treatments being safer or with fewer side effects than others.  The physicians and staff at NWIM are trained in a variety of different ways to help manage and treat chronic pain including trigger point injections, perineural injection therapy, pharmaceuticals, botanical and nutrient support, cranial-sacral therapy and osseous manipulation.  Referrals to acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy  and other specialists are also available if necessary.

Please note, controlled substances, such as opioids are not prescribed on first visits. To help ease facilitating transition to our clinic, please have previous medical records available for your provider prior to or at your first visit. We have a strict controlled substance policy at our clinic.

If you are receiving these medications, you will be required to submit samples for drug screening.

Chronic Pain: A Case for Hope

Pain is one of those things that can make or break a day.  For those of us with chronic pain, we tend to have good days, bad days, and those days that we just don’t want to get out of bed or deal with other people, even loved ones.  The longer we struggle with it, the more it seems to reach out and affect our lives. BUT- the good news is that more and more new options are coming out to can relieve symptoms and even support recovery of crippled physiologic systems…

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