In 2018, do something that is health boosting rather than draining.

Kick off the New Year with our Individualized Cleansing Nutritional Program offering targeted nutritional support to help your body mobilize and eliminate the toxins that build up from normal life.

Cleansing is good for:

  • Chronic digestive issues or Inflammation
  • Sick a lot in 2017? Get an Immune Boost!
  • Jump start weight loss
  • Mental health complaints
  • Liver support
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Skin rash
  • Holiday recovery

Special: FREE Infrared Sauna Blanket treatment to jump start your detoxification pathways, get your circulation moving, and help your muscles relax, easing the normal discomfort of cleansing.

This offer is valid with any and all constitutional hydrotherapy treatments.

Jump start your health today!

Email for further special discount offers!
Not safe for pregnant/nursing women or children.

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