Thank you Dr Oni and Dr Culver!  I have found a great  bunch of Doctors who actually care about their patients. First rate staff of professionals, highly recommend.”

~ Ethan M. 9/1/2018 Google

I can’t say enough about Dr. Maeghan and all of the other staff at NWIM. Never before have I ever felt as well cared-for and taken seriously about my health needs. Dr. Maeghan is extremely knowledgeble, caring, and never fails to put a smile on my face. I have also gotten the pleasure of working with Dr. Stephanie Culver and Dr. Jameson- both of whom are also incredible knowledgable and so nice to talk to. All of the medical assistants and office staff are awesome too!

If you are looking for a Dr. who will really take a look at the whole picture and find out your underlying problems, instead of just masking them with medicines- look no further! You will love NWIM.

Kayla G. 8/1/2018 Yelp

I just got back from my first visit with Dr. Meaghan, and I couldn’t wait to write a review! I am thoroughly impressed! She was very thorough, very  personable (bedside manner is excellent!), and she explained everything in terms that were very understandable. Already, I have so much confidence in her expertise, as well as her commitment to her patients, that I know she will get to the bottom of my health concerns. I am so happy I found her, and I highly recommend her as a practitioner! Plus, the office is very friendly and professional. I felt I was in good hands from the very beginning.”

Bindy 8/1/2018 Google

Dr. Maeghan Culver is wonderful. She was my doctor years ago when I was living in Seattle and I feel so lucky to have found her in Portland. She has helped me tremendously with figuring out some complex health problems that I had been dealing with for years and years. Just a few months under her care and I feel so much better! She is by far my favorite doctor that I have ever worked with, and believe me, there have been tons. She really takes the time to listen to how you are feeling and is excellent at making connections between various symptoms and looking at the bigger picture. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Jessica B. 8/1/2018 Google

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Maeghan!

My husband had a heart attack this year – unfortunately there is a family history of high cholesterol and heart attacks.  We went to see Dr. Maeghan in April and she ran a Cardio IQ blood test and all his numbers were in the red and off the charts!  Our goal was to avoid using statins as much as possible.

Dr. Maeghan explained to us how different foods affected the body and how to change his diet.  She recommended several supplements as well.

We changed our eating habits (he did have to go on a low dose of statins) and he took his supplements religiously.  Three months later my husband went in after another blood test and his cholesterol had gone from 291 down to 169!  His cholesterol level has never been below 185.  Most of his other numbers had dropped down to an optimum level as well.  The ones that didn’t – she was able to tell us what to do to improve them.

Dr. Maeghan is knowledgeable, friendly, very accessible (I left messages in the patient portal and received quick responses) and encouraging.

Our insurance doesn’t cover Naturopaths but it was so worth the extra cost.  Best decision we ever made.

Thank you Dr. Maeghan!

Jodie H. 7/18/2018 Yelp

“This group of woman are the definition of going above and beyond. Everyone treats you like family and truly care about your heath and getting you to your best self, not just putting a bandaid on the problem. Everything from very science based primary care to more holistic practices and energy work, these ladies will get you back on your feet. I can not say enough good things about every woman at this clinic, they have all touched my life and improved it immeasurably.”

~ Ashley S. 7/10/2018 Yelp

“I would highly recommend this office, the staff is friendly and the doctors are very knowledgeable. Dr. True has done a fabulous job at improving my healthy and managing my chronic conditions. Have not seen this good of results with anyone else. I love that I have a place to go that uses more natural alternative methods.”

~ Rachelle C. 1/26/18 Google

“A RARE GEM IN HEALTH CARE. From the moment you walk in to their office, you are transported into a world that is welcoming and comforting. There is tea, coffee and organic drinks in the waiting room, as well as soft lighting, relaxing music, and cards with inspirational quotes to choose from. Unfortunately, you won’t get to enjoy the waiting room for very long, because they almost always call you back within 5 or 10 minutes of arrival. I have been a patient of Dr. Maeghan’s for some time now, and I can honestly say she is a true HEALER in every sense of the word. She takes time to really listen to her patients and always goes above and beyond. She tests and monitors every level of my healthcare, and always stays on top of my progress, even calling me at times between visits to check in on me. When my insurance balked at covering a needed prescription, she and her staff went to bat for me until I got it. I could go on and on, but I could never say enough good things about Dr. Maeghan. A few months ago, we switched our kids from their pediatrician to Dr. Oni. Both of my kids love her and I appreciate how good she is with my kids. She too, is thorough and professional, asking questions other doctors wouldn’t, always looking to care for the whole child. She even noticed a skin issue his pediatrician had ignored for years, gave me a natural cure for it and it was gone virtually overnight. My husband sees Dr. Stephanie and I know he likes her very much as well. Their office also provides alternative therapy treatments like hydrotherapy and others. Dr. Jameson usually performs those treatments and she is always kind, relaxing and supportive as well. The front desk is manned by two awesome ladies, the extremely gregarious and very capable former military medic Melissa, and a newer employee named Gina. And did I mention you can also get labs drawn and purchase your supplements in their office? Should you be lucky enough to be a patient at this facility, you will be treated to top-notch care from the scheduling of the appointment, to the waiting room, to the front desk staff, to the consult with the provider. I couldn’t possibly recommend this facility and their entire staff more highly.”

~ Trisha A. 1/26/18 Google

“I cannot say enough good things about this practice. Everyone has been incredibly professional, knowledgable, and thoughtful. Dr. True has given me solutions to problems that have plagued me for almost ten years! Her treatment plan was focused and based on my actual test results; no guessing involved. They even shared a kombucha scoby with me! Amazing.”

~ Christine H. 1/26/18 Google

“Dr. Maeghan and her team are by far the best health care providers I’ve ever visited. Rather seeing me for 10 minutes, writing a prescription and sending me on my way, she and I had a 45 min + appointment discussing my health concerns and coming up with a plan that treats the root cause rather than just hiding the symptoms with pills. There is no one else I will visit and recommend Dr. Maeghan and her clinic to anyone and everyone. Thanks guys!!!”

~ Nick H. 1/26/18 Google

“THE best medical care, hands down — focusing on the person and the root causes — not a pill to mask a symptom. This type of attentive care directly from the doctor is unprecedented. You will meet with a Dr. 1 on 1 for nearly an hour and get an individualized plan for care. On top of this unique level of care, Dr. Maeghan Culver is brilliant and will provide insight into the causes creating the symptoms and practical steps to take to address the source. This is the future that medical care should be and we just happen to be lucky to have Maeghan in our town!”

~ Tony G. 1/26/18 Facebook

“I found Dr. Megs after going through many other Naturopaths and Doctors. I have a very complicated health situation and she has been VERY attentive and caring to my situation.

If you need someone who is authentic, listens and goes above and beyond, this is your place. She also does amazing Cranio Sacral Therapy.


~ Tana T. 1/26/18 Facebook

“Very professional and holistic practice that sees the individual as a whole being. Dr. Oni has been incredible with my son! Couldn’t more highly recommend them!”

~ Betsy B.,11/17/17 Google

“I recently attended a free lecture given by Dr. True at Northwest Integrative Medicine on the differences between food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance and the different testing available. With Dr. True’s approachable style of teaching I found that what I had assumed were food allergies may be food intolerences and how our bodies react to each differently. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the convenient evening time frame that Dr. True scheduled this free lecture. Thank you Dr. True for taking precious time from your family to teach us about why we react to certain foods and how to take care of ourselves. I look forward to upcoming lectures and events at Northwest Integrative Medicine.”

~ Kimmie J., 11/5/17 Google

“I saw Dr. Maeghan about my digestive/gut issues over the summer. She was, prompt, thorough, and looked at my overall health and diet. Dr. Meaghan prescribed natural herbs and supplements and it has made a big difference. Thank you so much!!!”

~ Alvin B., 11/1/17 Google


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