Concerned you may have Coronavirus or coming in for an appointment? Click here for the most up to date information regarding the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.
Concerned you may have Coronavirus or coming in for an appointment? Click here for the most up to date information regarding the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Appointment FAQ


What information is needed to schedule an appointment?

In order to schedule an appointment you will need your name, date of birth, address, active email address, and insurance information located on your insurance card.


Can I schedule online?

Established patients are able to schedule follow up and acute appointments through the patient portal (  Acute appointments are shorter in duration and meant for issues that need to be addressed in a short period of time, such as cold, flu, ear infection, skin rash, or injury.  Please be sure to include your reason for the appointment in your appointment request.   Not all times are able to be listed on this service because of our hydrotherapy services, and hydrotherapy appointments must be scheduled with our staff directly.  New patients can request appointments through our contact us page.  Please provide your preferred communication method and tell us the provider you are interested in scheduling with so our staff can help get you establish care.


What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 48-hour notice on cancellation of any visit to allow for us to offer that time to other patients.  Currently our providers are booking out several weeks and we have patients waiting for appointments.   We require a 24-hour advance notice of cancellations or re-schedules.  Please call the office to notify us of this. If office staff are not available, you may leave a message on the confidential voice mail.  Please do not call NWIM’s after-hours on-call service for appointments or cancellations.  If you do not give adequate notice you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $50, for each missed appointment. This fee is not covered by insurance and is due prior to any next appointment.   This fee is waived for patients who have the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Those with OHP are held to a three-strike rule. After three incidences of no-shows or late appointment cancellations we reserve the right to ask your insurance to assign you to a different clinic. However, we may ask you to do certain things before scheduling another appointment.  This might include call the day of the appointment or some other step before setting an appointment. If we do not believe you will make progress on your health conditions because of no-shows or late cancellations, we may end treatment with you.   If you have no-showed and have not scheduled an appointment after 30 days, we will assume you are ending your treatment.  We may close your file at that time.


Do you have a waiting/cancellation list?

We are able to place both new and established patients on a wait list for appointments that become available.  You can specify days that you would like to be placed on the waiting list for. We will notify patients as quickly as possible about availabilities on the primary number provided. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact our front staff at 503-855-4341 or at [email protected] or through our contact us page.


What times are available for fasting blood draws?

Fasting blood draws require a period of 8-12 hours of ingesting no food or beverage other than water.  These can be scheduled throughout the day with our medical assistants. We begin blood draw appointments as early as 8:45 am with an appointment.  Patients can come in for blood draws without an appointment, but they may be required to wait for an available MA. We highly suggest scheduling your blood draw appointments to decrease wait time.


Oregon law on minor access and consent to health care dictates the following ages of consent for medical services in the following ways: 

  1. The age of consent for reproductive health and STD/STI screening is… ANY AGE Any child, at any time, has complete rights to having their reproductive health information protected from anyone, including their parents. This includes STD testing, pregnancy testing, contraception counseling, etc.
  2. The age of consent for mental health care and chemical dependency is … age 14 Children 14 years and older have a right to privacy when it comes to their mental health care and should be given the option allow for this. Unless contradicted for safety or other concerns, NWIM encourages teens to maintain their circle of support and keep their parents and guardians in the loop.
  3. The age of consent for all other medical and dental services is … age 15 Children 15 years of age and older have a right to protect their health information from their parents or guardians. These patients will be responsible for signing record releases, verbal authorization forms, consent forms, HIPAA privacy forms, etc. Financial agreement forms must be signed by both the teen and their parent.

General FAQ


Are there female and male doctors?

We have both male and female doctors at our clinic, all of whom serve both male and female patients as primary care providers.  Each provider has a special focus for his or her practice. To leran more about our providers, check out our About Us page.


Will they respond if you message through the portal?

The portal is an excellent way to communicate non-urgent matters and questions to your doctor.  Our doctors check their messages regularly and typically respond within 1-2 business days. For urgent matters, you can contact the clinic via phone @ 503-855-4341.


Can they send my test result without me coming in?

It is our clinic philosophy that educating our patients in regards to their testing and diagnoses helps to create healthier patients by being able to make informed decisions in regards to their treatment. If you are unable to accurately interpret your labs or images you will not be able to make well-informed choices, putting your health at risk.   If you have had testing or evaluations performed in an office visit, you can request these results be shared with you through the portal in advance of your follow up. However, the doctor usually waits to go through these with you so that you can understand what all the numbers mean.  After your visit, your doctor will share the results with you.  If you would still like your results in advance of your visit, please make requests by messaging your provider through the patient portal.  Once the results are shared in the portal, they will remain available as long as you are a patient with the clinic. If you choose to have your labs without interpretation NWIM will not be liable for healthcare decisions made outside of appointments and interpretation.


What is my Portal Account? Can I have access to my child’s account?

Your portal account is where you can access your health records, medications, vitals, after-visit summaries, and treatment recommendations. It also provides a place for you to contact your physician through our secure messaging system and schedule appointments.  Dependents under the age of 14 can be linked to their parent or guardian’s account without issue.


How do I set up my Patient Health Record (PHR) Portal Account?

Contact our front desk for a code that is needed for you to set up your account.  Here is the complete user guide for our patient health record system:

Naturopathic Medicine FAQ


What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Our physicians are naturopathic physicians, licensed as primary care physicians in the state of Oregon.  To become a Naturopathic Physician, one must attend an accredited post-bachelorette medical school. This includes time spent learning the same types of materials as medical doctors, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, but in addition to this they learn other methods to help the body heal.  These include use of plant-based medicines, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, educational counseling, and treatments for the body, including body work, injection therapies, and minor surgeries, like mole removals.  Naturopathic physicians are different from other holistic healers in that there is extensive, recognized training and licensure.  By choosing a naturopathic physician, you are choosing experts in healthcare. There are no standards or training requirements to identify yourself as a holistic healer or health coach, and some may have only taken a short online course with no direct training.


What is a Primary Care Provider?

In the insurance world, Primary Care Provider means a very specific designation.  This is a type of contract held with the insurance company (as opposed to specialist).  Some insurance companies require that you register your primary care provider in their system or may limit who you can select as your primary care provider.


What is a Naturopathic Primary Care Provider?

Naturopathic Primary Care  is an approach to medicine where your main physician relationship is with a Naturopathic Physician.  We work to build a holistic approach to optimizing your health, including discussing lifestyle interventions, natural therapies, and, when indicated, pharmacologic support.   We work with patients of all ages and love working with whole families. The goal is to help you find your long term health and happiness.   We perform annual physicals, well woman (PAPs) and well child visits, sports physicals.  We can order labs and imaging that are needed for your care. We work with all sorts of health conditions, from mental health issues and pain to digestion and fertility, but remember to keep your whole life in context.  This means that we treat all of you, rather than just a symptom. We invest in building a relationship with you where we empower you with information and support so you can make the best choices for you and your family.


Do you prescribe medications?

Naturopathic physicians are licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications in the state of Oregon. With the exception of cancer therapies and highly controlled substances (schedule I), our physicians are often able to take over management of your current pharmaceutical prescriptions and will discuss new prescriptions as is appropriate to your issues.  Generally, we try to use natural therapies and lifestyle interventions as these have better long term outcomes and fewer side effects. Our doctors are comfortable and have experience in prescribing both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical medications.


What makes NWIM different from other Naturopathic Doctor’s offices?

We believe that naturopathic physicians are the best primary care physicians available and we aim to keep our patients at the heart of all that we do.  Our providers are trained in wide variety of specialties, serving patients from infancy through eldership as primary care physicians and naturopathic consultants. We work collaboratively as a team to deliver the best care and treatment modalities to you and your family.  The vast majority of our lab collections and biopsies are done on site and have a robust selection of natural medicines available as prescribed by your physician, saving you extra trips around town. We are in network with most major insurance carriers and offer time of service discounts for those without insurance coverage.  There are many wonderful naturopathic clinics, and we are proud to count ourselves among them.   If you would like to learn more about our patient’s experiences, be sure to check out our great reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

Insurance/Billing/Finance FAQ


What insurance do you take?

We are in-network with most major insurance carriers including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield/Regence
  • Cigna
  • First Choice
  • Kaiser CHP (only Maeghan, Oni & Stephanie, and only the “CHP” or self-referral plan)
  • Moda
  • Pacific Source
  • Providence
  • OHP- Care Oregon, Open Card & Columbia Pacific CCO

The OHP plans we can take with a referral and prior auth are: OHP Yamhill, OHP Pacific Source, OHP OHSU & OHP Providence.

OHP plans that we cannot take are OHP Trillium & OHP Kaiser.

View Full Insurance List By Provider

Download Insurance Verification Worksheet

It is important to note that insurance plans vary widely in their coverage of naturopathic physicians.  It is important that you call your insurance company to determine your specific coverage for the provider(s) you are going to see.

For instance, MODA insurance has several plans that we are unable to contract with, specifically the Beacon plan.

Providence is another insurance that has variable options. For instance, Dr. Maeghan and Dr. Culver are both contracted as primary care providers while Dr. Oni and Dr. Jameson are contracted as naturopathic specialist.  These are covered differently, dependent on your specific plan.

We offer an Insurance Verification Worksheet to help you understand your benefits.


I have OHP and was told you accept it, but I can’t make an appointment with you. Why?

You’ve been told correctly! Northwest Integrative Medicine is a state designated Primary Care Home for people who have been assigned through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) or hold specific OHP insurance. What you might not know is that those awarded OHP are divided among several insurance carriers dependent upon that person’s need and where they live.

OHP is broken into these systems:  HealthShare of Oregon, DMAP, Open Card, Kaiser-OHP, Providence-OHP, Care Oregon, Trilium, and Tuality-OHP. Certain systems only allow their insurance at their locations (ie. Kaiser) and don’t allow for their insurance to transfer to other offices. Because of this, Northwest Integrative Medicine is only able to schedule appointments with patients who have HealthShare of Oregon, Care Oregon, and Trillium.

Look for your OHP insurance to see what your requirements are before scheduling

Make an appointment at any time if…: 

  1. Insurance card says you are assigned to NWIM
  2. Care Oregon
  3. HealthShare of Oregon
  4. DMAP
  5. Open Card

You cannot make an appointment yet. You’ll need an APPROVED referral from your current Primary Care Provider in order to schedule with one of our doctors or you can consider asking to be switched to another carrier. Switching is limited to once per year and must be done through OHP, not your doctor’s office. 

  1. Kaiser-OHP 
  2. Providence-OHP
  3. Tuality-OHP


What are the out of pocket costs for care?

We bill the same price no matter what insurance coverage you have- from the best to the none at all.   Visits are billed based on complexity of care, time spent with the doctor, and procedures done in the visit.  Insurance often covers the vast majority of services we provide, and we try to give you the best information we can regarding costs that will be out of pocket such as for specialty labs and evaluations, injection therapy or supplements. When you have a question about a cost, we will provide you with the necessary codes to contact your insurance company to determine coverage.

While we do offer complementary insurance billing, we do not do insurance verification for our patients.  We do this primarily because insurance companies are much more likely to take accountability for mistakes in reporting if the patient calls as compared to when a clinic calls.  Keep track of what the insurance representative tells you with our handy Insurance Verification Worksheet.

For those who pay at time of service for visits, we apply a 25% discount on all generally insurance-covered services.  This can be for those with no current health insurance, for those with Medicare who do not have naturopathic coverage, or for those with private health insurance plans that do not have an in-network covered provider.

We have negotiated with many of our services to help keep services affordable and offer discounts to our patients.

It is important for you to understand your health insurance. If you would like to understand more about how health insurance works, see HERE.  For some common insurance issues we have encounters, see HERE.

There are some plans that are in network but your plan is set to apply all costs of care to your deductible and only provide coverage once the deductible is met.  This is most often seen with BRONZE or HSA plans. If you have one of these plans, you can estimate your out of pocket costs below: While every visit is billed based on the individual care provided, below is an approximation of your base appointment cost:

New Visits: $145-398

With 25% discount: $108.75-$298.50

Established Patients: $87.58-$280

With 25% discounts: $65.70-$210

Wellness Visits: New Patient $300/$250

With 25% discount: $225/$187.50

Average out of pocket screening labs: ~$100 Above costs do not include procedure fees such as questionnaire screenings, in-office labs, office procedures, IV therapy, injections, osteopathic manipulations, body work, hydrotherapy, or the cost of any medications used in a visit or supplements prescribed following a visit.

Procedure FAQ


Do you do vasectomies?

The providers of NWIM do not do vasectomies at the clinic but are able to refer out for this procedure.


Do you remove or insert IUDs?

Physicians at our clinic can both remove and insert IUDs.  These appointments can be scheduled through our front desk.  For IUD insertion, a recent well woman exam with consultation is required.


Do I have to vaccinate my kids if I come in?

At NWIM, we work to create an individualized plan for each patient, including plans for vaccination.  No vaccines are required to be seen as a patient. Your doctor will review the current recommendations with you at well child visits so that you can make the best choice for your child and family.

I am not anti-vax. I believe in responsible vaccination. Whether or not you choose to get your child vaccinated you need to be making a well-informed decision and that means becoming educated about the pros/cons/risks of both sides of the conversation. I will guide my patients in making good choices. Part of this is not administering more than two vaccines in one visit. Often, only one. My patients like this approach and more often than not will see their children fully vaccinated, just at a delayed and slower pace. We also respect a parent’s right to decline as long as they have all the information. I think this sentiment rings true for all of the doctors in the office.
– Dr. Culver, Chief Medical Officer


What is naturopathic hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a specialized treatment that greatly improves recovery from many illnesses, both acute (short term, such as a cold) and chronic (long term, such as irritable or inflammatory bowel disease). It helps to improve circulation, relax and repair the nervous system, stimulate detoxifying and eliminative processes, strengthen and heal the digestive system and stimulate the immune system. Our physicians are specially trained in this technique which involves the therapeutic use of warm and cool water as well as specific electrical currents to help stimulate and strengthen organs systems.  Each treatment is tailored to the patient and their condition.

For more information you can read through our patient handout: Naturopathic Hydrotherapy Patient Handout

Miscellaneous FAQ


Can your office help me apply for disability (SSI)?

Yes and No. Applying for disability is a legal matter, not a medical one. You must contact a disability lawyer who will request our records for your case. It is the records from our appointments and conversations that will be used in a court room to serve your case. In order for our notes to be used we must have spoken with you about your concern several times. Even then, disability and SSI benefits are never guaranteed. Patients often go through several appeals.  


Maeghan and Stephanie are sister-in-laws. Stephanie is married to Maeghan’s brother.  They started this family business in 2015. 

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