About Dr. Randolph

Dr. Randolph is a naturopathic primary care physician with a wide range of clinical expertise serving patients of all ages, genders, and needs. Whole-patient care is at the core of Dr. Randolph’s health philosophy and he is equipped to provide care for your unique needs – whether they be to optimize your health with annual wellness exams or to provide treatment for an acute or chronic health condition. He has extensive experience in holistic mental health care, treating everything from anxiety and depression to ADHD, bipolar disorder, and psychosis. He currently runs a weekly clinic in an all-male facility, and he is excited to offer integrative care tailored specifically for male identifying people. Dr. Randolph is LGBTQ+ informed and provides gender affirming care as well. Additional areas of clinical experience include addiction, diabetes, dermatology, woman’s health, minor surgery, physical medicine, IV therapy and botanical medicine.

Dr. Randolph believes in a patient-centered model of health care. He will work directly with you to empower you to achieve your health goals utilizing the tools you prefer – be it diet, herbs, nutraceuticals, or conventional pharmaceuticals. Dr. Randolph’s greatest goal is to provide high quality care that meets patients where they are and helps them reach their greatest potential.

 Dr. Randolph is currently completing his third and final year of residency in family and naturopathic medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. He has completed rotations in various naturopathic specialties including mental health, cardiopulmonary medicine, dermatology, physical medicine, woman’s health, transgender care, minor surgery, and IV therapy. Additionally, Dr. Randolph has rotated extensively with local clinics providing care to underserved populations and currently runs a weekly clinic at a residential substance abuse rehabilitation facility.

Outside of work, Dr. Randolph is an avid backpacker and enjoys exploring the wild places of the Pacific Northwest with his partner and foster daughter. He can often be found off trail hunting for wild edible and medicinal plants. He also loves singing, gardening, and baking.

Professional Qualifications

Medical License
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Oregon


National College of Natural Medicine,
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Post-Doctoral Training


Internship, Family & Naturopathic Medicine
National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon.


Residency, Family & Naturopathic Medicine
National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon.


Currently Co-Chief Resident, Family & Naturopathic Medicine

National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon.

Professional Membership

Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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